Breaking News WP Plugin WordPress – Guide to use

Breaking News is a news ticker plugin that works like a real-time press review where the most recent news of your site flows within the plugin, with the possibility to be selected and viewed directly by the plugin itself. The ticker is automatically updated and shows in real time the most recent news headlines that have been posted on your site. Now we are going to see every single setting of Breaking News step by step.

Breaking News Plugin - Settings  

  1. Choose Theme → You can select the type of theme and decide if you want “simple” or “detailed”. The main difference is that the simple theme has no rounded edges, side lines and post date: The “detailed” theme is instead inclusive of rounded edges, side lines and date of the post:
  2. Bar Width→ You can define the size of the news bar size from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 100% to best fit your website:                                                                                       Size at 30%   Size at 70%
  3. Custom Text → From this section it is possible to insert a personalized text which you will then see inside the bar.
    Breaking News Plugin - Custom Text Area
  4. Title Color→ You can change the font color of the “breaking-news” title via a color picker.
  5. Bar Title Color→ You can change the fill color of the title bar through the same color picker.
  6. News Color→ You can change the color of the news font through the same color picker.
  7. News Bar Color→ You can change the fill color of the news bar through the same color picker.
  8. News Link Color→ You can change the color of the news link. It is displayed when you move over the mouse to select the news.
  9. News Filter → You can select the category of news items to be displayed in the news picker. When no category is selected, news belonging to all categories of the website will be displayed, if instead selected categories are selected, only those will be displayed.
  10. News Max Number→ You can decide the number of news items to scroll and display in the ticker. You can decide to move from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 50 news. The number of 10 news items has been set by default.
  11. News Bar Title→ You can decide what to write in the title bar before “-news”. The default setup is “breaking”.
  12. Custom Style→ Ability to customize the css to be inserted in a text area, possibly transcribing the style already present. Final Result:

Once you have finished customizing the news bar according to your tastes, just enter this shortcode [breaking-news-wp] on the page where you want to display the bar and you’re done!   

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