Contact Form DB for Enfold

Introducing Contact Form DB for Enfold , a plugin developed by our team at WP LOVE that allows all WordPress sites that use the theme “ Enfold by Kriesi “to save the compilation of all contact forms within your site.

This plugin creates a database, where you will have the possibility to see a list, in chronological order, of all the users who have filled in a contact form on your site, filtered for the fields of the contact form. This can be useful to monitor which modules are most used by users on your site, and allows you who manage the site to always have a rescue of users who have contacted you.

How Contact Form DB for Enfold works

Using the Enfold editor let’s create a contact form by entering all the fields we want.

Contact Form DB for EnfoldAfter completing the form and pressing the “Send” button the Contact Form DB for Enfold plugin will start to perform its function. A new entry will appear in the “Settings” section of the WordPress panel: “Enfold Contact Form”

Contact Form DB for Enfold - settings

Entering this new section you will see a table where there are all the contact forms that users have filled in since the activation of the plugin. The save function of contact forms is not retroactive.

Contact Form DB for EnfoldThis table contains the following fields:

  • Page where the form was completed
  • Name
  • Email
  • Object
  • Message

Thanks to this fantastic plugin, you will have a database that automatically updates with all the data of your contact forms, so you can monitor in more detail the requests that will be made and so as not to risk losing all the requests that you have received. To download Contact Form DB for Enfold click here .